Guide Leveling

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Guide Leveling

Post by Decade on Tue Mar 20, 2012 1:12 pm

Hunt nyante:

1-8: Koromon (Small Forest P/Wooden Bench P)

8-11: Palmon/Drimogemon (Small Forest T/Wooden Bench T)

11-16: Woodmon (West Town)

16-20: Dobermon (West Town East)

20-25: Boarmon (Wild Desert)

25-31: Garurumon (Wind Valley)

31-35: Vikaralamon/NeoDevimon (Oil Refinery 3)

35-41: NeoDevimon (Oil Refinery 3)

41-46: NeoDevimon/SaberLeomon (Oil Refinery 3)

46-51: Giant MetalGreymon (West Town West)

51-57: Dark SkullGreymon/Dark DeathMeramon (Dark Tower)

57-65: Dark Vmon (Dark Tower)

65-76: Gizmon (Unlimit Ice)

76-80: Salah satu dari semua kecuali Boltmon (Labyrinth)

80-85: CannonBeemon/PileVolcamon (Labyrinth)

85-90: Labyrinth F1


1-11: di gb di Woodmon (Western Town)

11-16: Birdramon (West Town Edge)

25-31: SkullSatamon (Oil Refinery 1)

31-35: Di Digimon Farm / di Snow Village / MetalGreymon (Desolate Ruins)

33-46: Kalau punya plate & byk bits (beli disk byk) bisa ke Dark SkullGreymon (Dark Tower)

46-51: Dark SkullGreymon/Dark DeathMeramon/Dark Wormmon (Dark Tower)

46-76: Gizmon (Unlimit Ice), bs dipaksa ampe 80 sih, tp IMHO 76 aja

46-77: Minimal Tamer lvl 50, D-Terminal B02, bs dipaksa ampe 80 jg

46-85: Minimal Tamer lvl 60, Labyrinth

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