GDMO ,Packs and Programs

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GDMO ,Packs and Programs

Post by Vonic on Fri Oct 19, 2012 1:45 pm

Achmad Fatony N wrote:1 - Programs
1 - Opening More than one Dmo
Download link :
How to use : Put in the same file that has the DMOLuncher.exe , when ever you want to open onther DMO just open this file which is in the same folder that has DMOLuncher.exe (u can open as many as ur pc can handle)

2 - Recording program
Download link :
How to use : 2 - its a really simple program for recording the screen ,Go to Movies and Choose the Folder you want to save the movies at then choose Full size and 30fps if u have a weak PC like mine (use 50-60 if you have a powerfull one) then make loop buffer 60sec 3 - about the sounds I alwes unchecked them all and input any song when i finish 4 - If you want to use it on normal screen not just games check the *monitor Aero desktop (DWM)* on the General page of the program5 - After you finish and alredy made your video u will find that a 1min video will be like 1-2 G 6 - Open Windos Life Movie Maker ,Drag your video in it and press on the screen next to the Youtube sign ,choose a path and press OK7 - After it finsh u will have a Great Quality video with less than 50MB size

2 - Packs for Tamers and Digimons
1 - FUjinmon Black and blue skins
Download link :
Black :
Blue :

2 - Omnimon skin insted of Vgreymon
Dlonwload link :

3 - Blue CM
Download link :

4 - Black Agumon CLasic Line +Black VG
Download link :

5 - Black Agumon(Savers) line +Black SHinegreymonBM
Downlaod link :

6 - Pack to change the Background of the opening part of the game
Download link :

How to use : just use as a normal pack , if u wan to chnage the pic , just open it and change the TGA image with onther TGA of ue chois ( u can download any pic and convert it with any program)

7 - Old auras pack
Download link :

8 -New auras pak
Download link :

9 -White FM (PM with a gun on his hand)
Download link :

10 -Black Suits for all the tamers (only works with he DATS uniform)
Download link :


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